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This pages lists Software and Services we can provide. For questions about services and software please feel free to contact us.


Name Description License Download
WESP+ The QoE Assessment Platform is the successor of the Web-based Subjective Quality Evaluation Platform and replaces it. Please follow the link for a complete installation guide and documentation LGPLv3 Download (Source + Documentation)
AmbientLib The Ambient Library provides plug-ins for various browsers (e.g., Firefox, Opera, IE) which then are able to render sensory effects within the browser from HTML5 or Flash videos. (If no video is shown please download a codec pack, e.g., k-lite codec pack) LGPLv3 Website
Source Code
SEMP The Sensory Effect Media Player is a media player which is able to render sensory effects on various devices. Supported devices are: amBX system, DaleAir Vortex Activ, Cyborg Gaming Lights LGPLv3 Website
Source Code
SEVino The Sensory Effect Video Annotation allows someone to generate SEM descriptions. GPLv3 Website
Source Code
SESim The Sensory Effect Simulator offers the possibility to simulate existing SEM descriptions.
Note: Development of the stand-alone simulator has been ceased!
GPLv3 Website
Source Code
Test content – Babylon A.D. Test content of the trailer Babylon A.D. with sensory effects. Video
Test content – Earth Test content of the trailer Earth with sensory effects Video


We can offer the following services:

About Citation of the SELab software

We kindly ask you to refer the following paper in any publication mentioning the above toolset:

Markus Waltl, Benjamin Rainer, Christian Timmerer, Hermann Hellwagner, “A Toolset for the Authoring, Simulation, and Rendering of Sensory Experiences”, Proceedings of the ACM Multimedia 2012, Nara, Japan, pp. 1469-1472, 2012.

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  4. Joaquín says:

    Hi, I’m trying to install your “Web-based Subjective Quality Evaluation Platform”. However, I can’t find any script to create the required database and tables or information about the table structure.
    Could you provide some information about that?
    Thanks in advance!