Alpen-Adria-Universität, Dept. of Information Technology, Multimedia Communication

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The research group “Multimedia Communication (MMC)” was founded and is being led by Prof. Hermann Hellwagner. In addition, the group currently has three research assistants, seven project staff members, and three administrative and technical staff members.

The research activities of the group are in the areas of

  • Multimedia communication and QoS provisioning
  • Adaptation of multimedia content w.r.t. network, device, and usage contexts
  • Use of Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology in networks and P2P systems
  • Adaptive multimedia applications, e.g., IPTV
  • Standardization within ISO/IEC MPEG
  • Multimedia in disaster management

The focus of the MMC group is clearly on adaptive delivery of audio-visual contents, taking into account, for instance, fluctuating network and environmental conditions that can occure when users are on the move. In particular, we are currently investigating the use of Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology in such networks.

The group actively participates in several international and national research projects on all levels, ranging from basic research to application-oriented projects and direct cooperation with industry.

In teaching, the MMC group covers the technical courses of the Informatics study programme such as Computer Organization, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Servers and Clusters, Internet QoS, and Multimedia Coding.

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