The Sensory Experience Lab (SELab) comprises a small team of experts working in the field of Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEx) with the focus on Sensory Experience. That is, traditional multimedia content is annotated with so-called sensory effects that are rendered on special devices such as ambient lights, fans, vibration devices, scent, water sprayer, etc.

The sensory effects are represented as Sensory Effects Metadata (SEM) which are standardized within Part 3 of MPEG-V entitled “Information technology — Media context and control – Part 3: Sensory information”. Further details about MPEG-V and Sensory Information can be found in our Standardization section.

Our software and services are publicly available here and the interested reader is referred to our publications. The media section provides some videos of SELab.

The aim of the research within the SELab is to enhance the user experience resulting in a unique, worthwhile sensory experience stimulating potentially all human senses (e.g., olfaction, mechanoreception, termoreception) going beyond traditional ones (i.e., hearing and vision).

The SELab is guided by an advisory board comprising well-recognized experts in the field of QoE from both industry and academia.

In terms of funding the SELab acknowledges the following institutions and projects: Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, ICT FP7 IP ALICANTE, COST IC1003 QUALINET, and ICT FP7 Ip SocialSensor.