SEVino 2.0

We are happy to announce that the Sensory Effect Video Annotation (SEVino) tool has reached version 2.0. You can find the new version under Software and Services.
This is new in this version:

  • The Sensory Effect Simulator (SESim) is now integrated in SEVino;
  • start and end time of an effect can be set via mouse resizing;
  • design of SEVino has changed and is now theme based using NimROD L&F;
  • SEVino now supports foreign namespaces for effects;
  • and many bugfixes.

Note that the simulator can still be used as stand-alone version out of SEVino.  Furthermore, the separate development of SESim as its own application will be ceased.

Feel free to provide us feedback, report any bugs you can detect, and/or indicate some features you would like to have. You are also invited to extend SEVino on your own and provide us your extensions.

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