Sixth International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience

Sixth International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience
QoMEX 2014
18-20 September 2014

The sixth International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX) will bring together leading experts from academia and industry interested in evaluating multimedia quality and user experience. Coming to Asia for the first time, QoMEX 2014 will be held in Singapore, conveniently located adjacent to InterSpeech and MMSP. Prospective organizers of special sessions are invited to submit proposals as per the guidelines on the web site. Prospective authors are invited to prepare full (six pages) and/or short (two pages) papers. Furthermore, authors of recent journal papers will have the opportunity to present their work as a poster. Please refer to the workshop web site for more details. Proceedings will be published in the IEEE Xplore digital library (pending).

Topics of interest include:

  • QoE Fundamentals: Understanding experience and quality formation; alternatives to MOS; quality vs. user satisfaction vs. acceptance; crowdsourcing studies; long-term quality measurement; physiological QoE assessment; emotions & QoE.
  • Audio/Visual User Experience: Objective/subjective quality evaluation of speech, audio, video, multimedia; spatial/3D audio and stereo/multi-view video quality; psycho-physical modeling; quality-centered processing, compression and transmission; perceptual optimization.
  • QoE in Graphics & Rendering: High-dynamic range imaging; (non-)photorealistic rendering; object/texture/motion modeling; special effects; virtual/augmented/mixed realities, games.
  • Sensory User Experiences: Methods for sensory user feedback; quality metrics for ambient and sensory experiences; novel sensory interfaces; multisensory interaction.
  • Interactive Systems QoE: Tele-conferencing/tele-presence; multimedia-based group inter-action; gaming; multimedia Web search/browsing; e-commerce; social media applications.
  • QoE for Mobile Devices: Evaluating multimedia applications and interactive experiences on mobile devices; impact of viewing conditions and device properties; adaptive user interfaces.
  • QoE-centric Network and Application Management: Distributed and central management approaches; cloud-based multimedia services; adaptive media streaming; link between QoS and QoE; interoperability; performance optimization; pricing and service-level agreements.
  • Reproducible QoE Research: Multimedia databases/datasets; benchmarking and certification; testing conditions and methods; standardization efforts; open-source QoE tools.


Important Dates (tentative)

  • Submission deadline: May 4, 2014 (full papers); June 29, 2014 (short paper)
  • Notification of acceptance: June 15, 2014 (full papers); July 13, 2014 (short paper)
  • Camera-­ready submission: July 13, 2013 (full papers)

General Chair
Stefan Winkler, ADSC/UIUC

General Co-Chair
Susanto Rahardja, NUS

Technical Program Co­‐Chairs
Weisi Lin, NTU
Alexander Raake, TU Berlin 
Zhou Wang, Univ. Waterloo

Special Session Chair
Luigi Atzori, Univ. Cagliari

Steering Committee
Loretta Anania, EC 
Ian Burnett, RMIT 
Touradj Ebrahimi, EPFL/NTNU 
Khaled El-Maleh, Qualcomm 
Lina Karam, ASU 
Patrick Le Callet, Univ. Nantes 
Sebastian Möller, TU Berlin 
Fernando Pereira, IST-IT 
Andrew Perkis, NTNU 
Amy Reibman, AT&T Labs 
Peter Schelkens, iMinds/VUB 
Christian Timmerer, AAU

Publicity Chairs
Guangtao Zhai, SJTU 
Margaret Pinson, NTIA

Finance Chair
Pina Marziliano, NTU

Local Arrangements Chairs
Lai-Tee Cheok, SMU
Ngai-Man Cheung, SUTD

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