Demonstration at the MMM 2012

Markus Waltl, Benjamin Rainer, Christian Timmerer and Hermann Hellwagner submitted a demonstration paper with the title: ‘Enhancing the User Experience with the Sensory Effect Media Player and AmbientLib’ to the MMM 2012, Jan. 4-6 2012, Klagenfurt, Austria.

Abstract: Multimedia content is increasingly used in every area of our life. Still, each type of content only stimulates the visual and/or the hearing system. Thus, the user experience depends only on those two stimuli. In this paper we introduce a standard which offers the possibility to add additional effects to multimedia content. Furthermore, we present a multimedia player and a Web browser plug-in which uses this standard to stimulate further senses by using additional sensory effects (i.e., wind, vibration, and light) to enhance the user experience resulting in a unique, worthwhile sensory experience.

Here are some fotos of the demonstration given at the MMM 2012:

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