Demonstration at the MMWeb 2011

Markus Waltl, Benjamin Rainer, Christian Timmerer and Hermann Hellwagner submitted a demonstration paper with the title: ‘Sensory Experience for Videos on the Web’ to the MMWeb 2011, Sep 8th, Graz, Austria .

Abstract: More and more multimedia content is becoming available via the World Wide Web (WWW). These contents stimulate only senses like hearing or vision. Recently, it has been proposed to stimulate also other senses while consuming multimedia content, through so-called sensory effects. These sensory effects aim at enhancing the user’s viewing experience by providing effects such as light, wind, vibration, etc. These effects are represented as Sensory Effect Metadata (SEM) which is associated to multimedia content and is rendered on devices like fans, lamps, or vibration chairs. In this paper, we present a plug-in for Web browsers which is able to render such sensory effects provided via Web content, and we describe a demonstrator that uses this plug-in to control an amBX system.

Here are some fotos of the demonstration given at the MMWeb 2011:

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