Keynote of Christian Timmerer at MobiMedia 2011

Christian Timmerer was invited to give a keynote at MobiMedia 2011, Sep 5th, Cagliari, Italy on ‘Future Immersive Media Technologies: Sensory Experience’.

Abstract: The past decade has witnessed a significant increase in the research efforts around the Quality of Experience (QoE) which is generally referred to as a human-centric paradigm for the Quality of a Service (QoS) as perceived by the (end) user. As it puts the end user in the center stage, it may have various dimensions and one dimension recently gained momentum is 3D video. Another dimension aims at going beyond 3D and promises advanced user experience through sensory effects. This is a novel approach for increasing the user experience – beyond 3D – through sensory effects. The motivation behind this work is that the consumption of multimedia assets may stimulate also other senses than hearing or vision, e.g., olfaction, mechanoreception, equilibrioception, or thermoception that shall lead to an enhanced, unique user experience. This could be achieved by annotating the media resources with metadata (currently defined by ISO/MPEG as part of the MPEG-V standard) providing so-called sensory effects that steer appropriate devices capable of rendering these effects (e.g., fans, vibration chairs, ambient lights, perfumer, water sprayers, fog machines, etc.). In particular, we will review the concepts and details of the forthcoming MPEG-V standard and present our prototype architecture for the generation, transport, decoding and use of sensory effects. Furthermore, we will present details and results of a series of formal subjective quality assessments which confirm that the concept of sensory effects is a vital tool for enhancing the user experience.

The slides are available on Slideshare:

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